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Judeo-Christian View

In the early fall of 2008, as the Presidential election was in full swing, hundreds of thousands of copies of a crazy DVD called Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against The West were distributed with newspapers across the United States…though only to "swing states." In October, a press release announces that 350,000 more copies of the DVD were also being sent to clergy all over the nation.

The press release also plugs this wacko nutcase Web site: Judeo-Christian View. When you click on this site, you see that the "view" of these folks is indeed unique. It calls itself "A multimedia journal of opinion for rabbis, priests, pastors and laity," and it's set up to look like an online newspaper. It's a political site, no question about it; when you click onto the October 2008 "issue," the first thing you see is a big headline entitled: SAME-SEX UNIONS AND CHILD SACRIFICE. It then shows us Senator Barack Obama and his support of "state-by state homosexual marriage" and "full, open homosexual integration into our armed forces and military barracks." After warning us about the evils of Those Godless Homosexuals, the site then warns us about Obama and "the horror of tax-payer funded Partial Birth Abortion in the USA" (Partial Birth Abortion is capitalized). Here we learn that the "Child Sacrifice" that the headline screams about actually refers to abortion; every reference to abortion used during the rest of the page replaces the word "abortion" with "child sacrifice." It then gives us a lengthy sermon on how priests need to become politically active; and on the second page (after a lengthy diatribe about the evils of Islam), we then see a letter to "Our fellow American Citizens, Clergy and Laity" calling for them to "pray," "watch" and "be courageous."

Finally, the "About Us" page reveals who's behind all this: Dr. O'Neal Dozier, founding and current pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, Florida. But nowhere does it mention how he's getting the finances to publish half a million DVDs and send them to thousands of people across the country. This requires a LOT of money, so you can only wonder who has their fingers in this "Doctor" (not "Reverend?")'s pockets.