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Kids Helping Kids

After STRAIGHT Inc. collapsed in the early 1990s, a number of its officers formed their own treatment programs for youths, embracing the same goals (and, critics allege, the same methods) as the original STRAIGHT. One of the most prominent is a group in Ohio calling itself Kids Helping Kids. This group is actually headquartered out of the very same building in Milford, Ohio that housed the former Ohio chapter of STRAIGHT, and like its parent organization it has attracted its fair share of controversy and critics.

At least one TV news report has accused Kids Helping Kids (KHK) of behaving in a manner similar to a cult. A number of activists who worked to reveal the truth behind STRAIGHT are looking into KHK and making the same accusations, claiming that the new group is actually the original group working under a new name.

This site offers a comparison between Kids Helping Kids and STRAIGHT, noting the similarities between the two.

(Another program in existence called "Kids Helping Kids" can be found at, though this one appears to be an entirely unrelated organization. This group is located in New Jersey.)