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Kitten Natividad

Assco writes on alt.slack:

"…She's lost considerable weight in the past decade or so since I was a Hollywood hack writer and could have taken her out on the town. Her letter to her fans is so heartfelt – I feel like she's cuddling my head between her two luscious love pillows just from reading her welcome page. 'You give me hope and dreams' she says. Not as many dreams as she gave me, I bet. She looked great with the weight, too. I'm sure some of us are sad to see her slim down. Her phone number is (323) 464-1982 – only 60 bucks for 1/2 hour of chat 9am-9pm pacific time. All good SubGenii with 60 bucks should call and say hello – give her an invite to X-Day. Those wrestling photos are making me turgidly tumescent and titilated…"

Note from Modemac: It's a sad fact that Kitten developed breast cancer a few years back, and actually had to have a double mastectomy. I haven't seen any recent photos, so I don't know if she's had replacements that match the size of her original mams…though I daresay any number of guys would be more than willing to do decent research to find out!

I personally would love to hear about Kitten's personality. From what I hear, she's one of those genuinely sweet people who tries not to hurt or offend others. I certainly hope that's true: women of that sort are true Sex Goddesses and duly deserving of a special seat on the Xist escape vessels. Reportedly, a sizable number of the calls she receives on her pay line are from fans who just want to talk to her, and not do phone sex. I find this very uplifting and sweet. :)

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