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If High Weirdness by Mail offered a glimpse into the world of kooks, crackpots, and the fringe, then Donna Koosy's Kooks is a five-star luxury cruise. Miss Kossy takes the best and most outrageous parts of her Kooks zine and puts them together to give us an in-depth look at people so far out there, you'll have trouble believing that this stuff really exists at all…except that it's right here, in front of your own eyes. There are racist publications galore, UFO kooks, misunderstood pseudo-scientists, and other visionaries – all of whom are given a fair, understanding, and honest look by Miss Kossy. Many of the most famous kooks are given in-depth presentations, including the Raelians, Wilhelm Reich, the trepanation films, and lots lots more. Your brain will never be the same after this.