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L'Age D'Or

The "sequel" to Un Chien andalou. This one had much less involvement from Salvador Dali, due to the falling out between him and Luis Bunuel. Basically, Dali only had anything to do with the first couple reels, and then left to go on his way. This one has a bit more of a narrative than Un Chien andalou, partially due to its increased length, but it's still not exactly a linear film. Basically, it's about a couple who are constantly kept from having sex. Lots of visual puns in this one, about masturbation (after a scene of simulated masturbation, a woman has a bandage on her hand; "bandee" was a french euphemism for masturbation), f'rinstance. And, it's got one of the more controversial scenes in film history, depicting Jesus and his apostles as the Marquis De Sade and friends, ending on a cross covered in scalps. This film actually made it so Jean Cocteau's The Blood of a Poet couldn't be screened; both films were financed by the same people, and folks basically went "Oh, no, not them again!" and pre-emptively banned Cocteau's film for two years.

This film has been really hard to find until recently, when it got put out on DVD. The print on the US edition isn't the best, but it's not too bad, either. This film also has one of my favorite lines to quote – "What joy, to have murdered our children!"