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L.A. Story

When California sinks into the ocean, Post-Cataclysmic Scholars are going to make Los Angeles the American Atlantis partly due to rediscovering this movie.

In Steve Martin's view of L.A., Los Angeles is a Moreal Paradise with Enya doing the soundtrack.

If you just want some nice relaxing void-time this is the show for you, there's not much story to worry about (Guy gets bored, guy sees girl, guy wants girl, guy can't get girl, guy uses another girl to make girl #1 jealous, guy and girl spat, traffic sign saves the day).

Aside from the story, it's mostly just soothing pastels, Pythonesque sight-gags, and "Power of Love" destiny stuff.

I like to think of it as PB&J for the cynical romantic's soul.

If y'looking for a movie that's colorful, soothing, and not too much to think about try "L.A. Story".