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LaRouche Youth Movement

Lyndon Larouche is getting on in years, and much like fellow lunatic Pat Robertson, there have been signs that senility and dementia may be creeping into his conspiracy rants…though his rants have been so far off the deep end, it's difficult to tell if his rhetoric is actually more whacked out than it was before he was imprisoned for credit card fraud. (Oops, my bad. He was actually the target of a wide-ranging conspiracy by the Illuminati, the the British Zionists, the FBI, and the Vatican to silence him once and for all. But still, Larouche perserveres and presses on!)

Larouche's biggest and most likely bid for immortality came after he was released from prison in 2004. The Worldwide Larouche Youth Movement is a growing phenomenon on college campuses, working to recruit a brand-new generation of fresh faces and spirits into the aging Larouche political machine, and resurrect his name from the dead. The new movement quietly rejects some of the more outrageous of Larouche's conspiracy theories (such as his accusations that the Queen of England was engaging in drug trafficking), but his central message is there: a vast international conspiracy is about to plunge the world into a new Dark Age, but Larouche can save us all. Therefore, he must be elected President at the next election, before it's too late! (Especially since he's likely to die of old age at any time now.)

Interestingly, you're likely to find that if you've worked your way through Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle books, you're well-qualified to carry on a discussion with a Larouchie. These people are heavily into 18th- and 19th-century scientists, politicians, and philosophers, and you're likely to find them asking you questions about Johannes Kepler, Aristotle, or Pierre de Fermat. (They don't trust Isaac Newton, however; they feel that he was part of the British Royal conspiracy to wipe out Gottfried Leibniz, his competitor in the development of calculus.) At the same time, colonization of the solar system is one of the top priorities of the organization – this is an especially strong draw for young science fiction fans.

These folks are especially good at new 21st-century guerilla-activism tactics, and they're known for dressing up their political activities with street theater and songs. (In one event at the University of California in 2006, they got into a tussle with Ayn Rand's followers and a bunch of Larouchies were arrested!) They eschew the methods of "brainwashed baby boomers," but they still follow Larouche's anti-Semitic streak and often go out of their way to harass "Zionists."

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