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If I actually listed all the movies, rock videos, fantasy artists, anime cartoons, and comic books who owe their existence to this film then I would be obligated to reanimate Jim Henson's corpse and send him on a Zombie Rampage for Royalties. To just name "Mirrormask" and Meat Loaf's "All Coming Back To Me Now" video, would be a pitiful attempt at scratching the animatronic iceberg.

If you haven't seen "Labrynth" then you're probably still being incubated in your mother's womb; I've yet to meet anyone over the age of three who hasn't seen this movie.

But for the sake of posterity, I'll recap:

"Labrynth" is about a spoiled teenage girl named Sarah (played by early bloomer Jennifer Connelly) who's sick and tired of staying home to watch her baby stepbrother, Toby (who happens to be played by only one of Brian Froud's kids), while her father and stepmother hit the town. So she gets pissed, tells her stepbrother a story about the Goblin King (David Bowie's best role EVER), then makes a wish for the brat to be wisped away by the goblins.
After realizing the wish actually worked, Sarah freaks out. The Goblin King shows up, and tells her she can get the baby back if she can rescue Toby from the Goblin King's castle after going through…drum roll..the Labrynth!

So that's the story in a nutshell, to give away anything more would be a let-down to some, a redundancy to most, and a tiring waste of time to me.

However, I do want to point out one scene that has been homaged so many times it's becoming humus: "The Masquerade Ball".

With an 18th century riffled dress ensemble and a upper-halfed mask, you too can rip-off this highly riffed shot. Everyone and their baby sister has plugged some blatant facsimile of this scene somewhere. Even if you're that one in a billion who hasn't seen "Labrynth", you have seen this scene!

I'm not going to describe the scene, because for one thing, the original scene is too mesmerizing to put into any words that do it justice, and for another thing, you can ask any girl on the street about it, and they will dance it out for you.

"Labrynth" is an abused gem of a film that deserves far more credit than it gets, and I think I should stop typing right now so that:

1. You will stop reading this article and go watch it.


2. So I don't inadvertently summon Jim Henson to eat the brains of every "artiste" on this planet.

Enjoy the Show!