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Le Diner de Cons

You know, one of the funniest things about the French language is that 'connerie' as in 'Sean Connery' means 'cuntery', or 'idiotic behaviour'. I wonder if anyone has apprised the creosoted tax-exile of this amusing fact.

Yesshh, Le Diner de Cons is a truly slackful film. A bored lawyer played by Daniel Auteuil boards a train and despairs that he has no-one to invite to his swanky friends' 'cunts dinner' - the winner being he who invites the biggest twit - until he meets the buffoon/sage Pignon, who proceeds with enthusiasm to detail his lolly-stick models of famous landmarks. The film is a mixture of satire and slapstick, and bears many repeat viewings. A classic comedy, whose equal is yet to grace our screens. For this alone I forgive the French the invention of the squat toilet.