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Loompanics Unlimited


By now, most people are familiar with what was probably the most outrageous, envelope-pushing book catalog in the world. With books on how to commit armed robbery, build explosives, beat polygraphs and more, Loompanics was a natural target of people like Senator Diane Feinstein and others who serve the ideals of the Conspiracy. Their sampler catalog listed selections of particular interest to libertarians, including books on self sufficiency, homesteading, living cheaply, exposing the corruption of the government & police, conspiracies, and lots more. Great books, although you might want to use a PO box or maildrop.

However, age finally caught up with Michael Hoy, who ran Loompanics until it went out of business in early 2006. He retired, and in January 2006 he began a going-out-of-business sale.

On May 8, 2006, Loompanics stopped accepting retail sales. Their website now encourages potential customers to contact other publishers, who have had several Loompanics titles transferred to them, or will be the new publishers of estabished Loompanics authors: