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Magickal Herbs and Spices

Magic is based upon the power of belief. And a great portion of that belief is based upon tradition and folklore passed down from our ancestors through the ages. This tradition, in turn, is based upon the collective unconscious, and the subtle symbolism that has developed in human creativity and artistic expression since the beginnings of civilization. The interpretation of these symbols is largely artistic, though there have been attempts to apply a scientific method to it. In much the same way that basic symbolism is open to universal interpretation, giving similar meaning in nearly every aspect of human history and civilization; so also has certain symbolism been applied to the foods we eat, and the flora and fauna around us.

This leads to the ingredients used in spell casting. Pagans who believe in the literal power of these magickal ingredients may be missing the point of spell casting entirely: it is an interpetation of the symbols used in the spell, and their effect on our subconscious.


Apple: Love, Healing, Garden Magic, Immortality
Apricot: Love
Blueberry: Protection
Citron: Psychic Powers, Healing
Fig: Divination, Fertility, Love
Grape: Fertility, Garden Magic, Mental Powers, Money
Lemon: Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship
Lime: Healing, Love, Protection
Olive: Healing, Peace, Fertility, Potency, Protection, Lust
Orange: Love, Divination, Luck, Money
Papaya: Love, Protection
Peach: Love, Exorcism, Longevity, Fertility, Wishes
Pear: Lust, Love
Persimmon: Changing Sex, Healing, Luck
Pineapple: Luck, Money, Chastity
Plantain: Healing, Protection, Strength, Snake Repelling
Plum: Healing
Pomegranate: Divination, Luck, Wishes, Wealth, Fertility
Strawberry: Love, Luck

Grains and Nuts

Almond: Money, Prosperity, Wisdom
Barley: Love, Healing, Protection
Brazil Nut: Love
Caper: Potency, Lust, Luck
Caraway Seed: Protection, Lust, Health, Anti-Theft, Mental Powers
Cashew: Money
Coconut: Purification, Protection, Chastity
Flaxseed: Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, Healing
Lemongrass: Repel snakes, Lust, Psychic Powers
Oats: Money
Pecan: Money, Employment
Pistachio: Breaking Love Spells
Poppy Seed: Fertility, Love, Sleep, Money, Luck, Invisibility
Rice: Protection, Rain, Fertility, Money
Rye: Love, Fidelity
Sesame: Money. Lust

Savory Spices

Basil: Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, Protection
Bay Leaf: Protection, Psychic Powers, Healing, Purification, Strength
Chili pepper: Fidelity, Hex Breaking, Love
Coriander: Love, Health, Healing
Cumin: Protection, Fidelity, Exorcism
Curry: Protection
Dill: Protection, Money, Lust, Luck
Fennel: Protection, Healing, Purification, Eternal Youth, Health, Exorcism
Garlic: Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, Anti-Theft
Hemp: Healing, Love, Vision, Meditation
Horseradish: Purification, Exorcism
Juniper: Protection, Anti-Theft, Love, Exorcism, Health
Mustard: Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers
Parsley: Love, Protection, Purification
Peppercorn: Protection, Exorcism
Rose Petal: Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck, Protection
Rosemary: Protection, Love, Lust, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth
Saffron: Love, Healing, Happiness, Wind Raising, Lust, Strength, Psychic Powers.
Sage: Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes
Sassafras: Health, Money
Tea: Riches, Courage, Strength
Thyme: Health, Healing, Sleep, Psychic Powers, Love, Purification, Courage
Turmeric: Purification

Sweet Spices

Allspice: Money, Luck, Healing
Anise: Protection, Purification, Youth
Cardamom: Lust, Love
Carob: Protection, Health
Cinnamon: Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, Love
Cloves: Protection, Exorcism, Love, Money
Eucalyptus: Healing, Protection
Ginger: Love, Money, Success, Power
Grains of Paradise: Lust, Luck, Love, Money, Wishes
Licorice: Love, Lust, Fidelity
Mint: Money, Love, Luck, Healing, Exorcism, Travel, Protection
Peppermint: Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers
Spearmint: Healing, Love, Mental Powers
Star Anise: Psychic Powers, Luck
Sugar Cane: Love, Lust


Beet: Love
Cabbage: Luck
Carrot: Fertility, Lust
Celery: Mental Powers, Lust, Psychic Powers
Corn: Protection, Luck, Divination
Cucumber: Chastity, Healing, Fertility
Leek: Love, Protection, Exorcism
Lettuce: Chastity, Protection, Love, Divination, Sleep
Onion: Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Money, Prophetic Dreams, Lust
Pea: Money, Love
Potato: Image Magic, Healing
Radish: Protection, Lust
Shallot: Purification

Source: Cunningham, Scott, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, ©1994 Llewellyn Publications.