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Milk and Cheese

"Gin makes a man mean! Everyone booze up and riot!" So saith the Cheese, accompanied at all times by his erudite and equally violent chum, Milk. These two lovable characters have brought a wealth of belly laughs to the most quotidian of my bus journeys, with their irrepressibly violent revenge fantasies played out in black and white against, (and count 'em)

Mime artists, fake hippies, stand-up comedians, comic shop owners, and the Entire War On Drugs to name but a few.

They are the creations of Mr Evan Dorkin, is their aetherial home. Write to him and tell him how you have cried yourself into a prolapse of hilarity having witnessed the sublime strip, 'Zombie Homosexual Dwarf Freak Parade'.

"See Society pay!!!" (Cheese, on a rooftop rampage, in "Society is to Blame" )