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Mind Control 101

These guys have several different Web sites, all focused on the same agenda: they want to sell you the "secrets of mind control." Fortunately, they have a Mind Control blog that has links to all of their different "mind control" sales sites. The links here claim to offer super secrets of how to control the minds of others, depending on the version of mind control you want to look into. Their different links include such enticing titles as "Make Money Selling Mind Control," "Cult Control," "Magic Seduction," "Hypnosis for Seduction," etc. In other words, they're asking: "Do you want to control the minds of others and turn them into your slaves?" For more information, you need to go to their Web sites and – of course – pay money to buy their books, CDs, videos, and so on.

The person (or persons) behind this outfit calls himself (or themselves) "JK Ellis," claiming to be anonymous in order to protect his or her identity. Or, perhaps it might be a persona invented by this outfit in order to make it more appealing, and entice you to buy their products.

The Mind Control 101 blog is regularly updated, offering daily links to various sites that focus on conspiracies, kooks, psychics, cults, and (of course) mind control…sprinkled liberally with plugs and advertisements for their own "mind control" products. The blog isn't bad, actually: it's got a nice snarky attitude that lets you know how serious these guys take the subject of mind control. Hopefully they treat their customers who actually send them money better than the sites they feature on their blog.