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Are you outraged by Microsoft's insistence that you have to spend megabucks just to get the "necessary" 32 megabytes of RAM to make Windows NT, Me, XP, or FU work right on your PC? Maybe you can't afford to upgrade your system just to keep up with Bill Gates' greed. I know people who still can't use Windows because their systems don't have room for it. If you're one of them, then cheer up! You don't have to live on rice and beans for the next year to stay on the Net, because there is software out there on the Net that will handle your online access, even on an 8088 XT system with 640K of RAM. Minuet was developed with the DOS user in mind, and it will let you run a SLIP/PPP connection. Save your money for something important…such as your SubGenius Ordainment Fee!