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Frank Capra and kung-fu? How intuitive. Jackie Chan does an all Chinese version of A Pocketful of Miracles. Chan's actual stunts and gags are humorous and WAY COOL as usual - you know when you see that rickshaw there's going to be at least 5 minutes in which the rickshaw is used in every possible permutation as an assault weapon or object for acrobatics. Chan's gift for ad-hocism in weaponry is matched only by the Stooges. Co-starring was the late Anita Mui as his showgirl flame…funny-faced but what a doll. Mui had impeccable comedic timing and played her scenes so broadly that it was impossible for me NOT to smile every time she showed up in a scene. She and Chan were a great on-screen couple. Lotsa fun.

– Review by Sifu SODDI