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More a Bob Moog appreciation DVD than a history of the Moog synthesizer. Noticeably missing Wendy Carlos (?!!), Isao Tomita, Bernie Krause and others. Also, competitors Don Buchla and Alan Pearlman (ARP) should have been interviewed. Any Rick Wakeman is too much, DJ Spooky is a dolt, but not enough Bernie Worrell, the man who invented the MiniMoog bassline. NO mention of Moog's sell out to Gibson Guitars which left him unable to manufacture any synths under his own name for decades… until just a couple years before his death. Also no mention of Moog's well-publicized feud with Senator Jesse Helms over Helms' overtly racist campaign ads. At least this something that got made, so it's worth watching. Double-feature this with "Theremin".