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Morality In Media Inc.

This organization was founded in 1962 to "combat obscenity and uphold decency standards in the media." And by "obscenity," they're specifically referring to SEX and PORNOGRAPHY on TV, in the movies, in print, and on the Internet.

Especially on the Internet.

The "About Us" page mentions the organization was founded by Founding members included a Catholic Priest, an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, a Lutheran pastor, and a Greek Orthodox Priest," yet there isn't an overtly religious message here. Rather, it's just a generic statement that porn is obscene, and if it isn't outlawed then it should be. They've been waging legal battles for decades to get sex and sexual references removed from TV and the airwaves in order to Protect The Children, and they even have a clearing house of information on obscenity-related law, called the National Obscenity Law Center.

Since the rise of the Internet, MiM, Inc. has embarked on a crusade to clean up the parade of filth that is polluting our innocent children's minds! The number of essays, opinion columns, and press releases on this site warning us about Internet pornography ranges in the dozens. You can read such diatribes as:

There's even a special section devoted to "Offensive Magazines At Supermarket Checkout Counters."

And if you want an obscene, disgusting, filthy, evil pornographic Web site (or one that you think is obscene and disgusting), they have an On-line Obscenity Complaint Form for you to report it to your U.S. Attorney! It isn't clear if this automatically sends an email to the Attorney General's office, or if MiM, Inc. simply collects all of the complaints from this form and manually sends them to law enforcement. Considering how easy it would be to abuse this form and get it placed into the spam filters of most law enforcement agencies, I'd suspect the latter.