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Mr Double


For every ten thousand idiotic "porn" sites out there with three nekkid pictures and three hundred banner ads, there is a site that makes an effort to show the world what the Internet could be like if it wasn't populated by Pink morons with no intent but to make a few cheap bucks at everyone else's expense. Mr Double's Web site is one such place, which offers nothing but text stories and no pictures. His tastes in written erotica are unusual, extreme, and shocking – which is why his Web site receives thousands of visitors every day. (Casual browsers should be aware that the contents of this Web site are bound to repulse all but the most hardened veterans of text porn.) I find it interesting how the Conspiracy raises a furor over the existence of naked pictures on the Net, but they don't seem to care at all about the existence of text and stories. The stories presented here are more graphic than any pictures you can ever hope to find online, but because they only exist in your mind and imagination rather than right there on your screen, they're considered harmless…or at least, not worth making the effort to shut down. Perhaps this is because the Conspiracy shuns the idea of allowing people to actually use their brains and think once in a while!