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My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117

Chris Morris' film debut is about a nameless man (played by Paddy Constantine) dog-sitting his lawyer who will defend him for all the various wrongs he's committed in his life. Unfortunately, the dog, Rothko (voiced by Chris Morris) isn't terribly on his side and ends up getting him into even more trouble. Also, a baby tricks him into calling a priest a molester at her baptism. It's not really going well for the nameless man.

This is based on a monologue from Blue Jam. Morris also tried shooting it for Jam, but couldn't get it to work – possibly because of the length; My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117 is about 12 minutes long, which would be half an episode of Jam. Still, though, there are very small cuts from this earlier attempt cut into Jam as links, mostly the scenes where Rothko leads the man around by the leash around both of their necks.

This was also the debut film from Warp Films, and it won a BAFTA for best short film. It's available on DVD with a lot of bonus features, including a commentary that has nothing to do with the film, but rather talks about various dogs in films (or, in the case of Un Chien andalou, dogs not in films), a trailer for Jam and innovative packaging with a handwritten list of various wrongs (that you'd have to destroy the package to read all of!).