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Techno geek fantasies have been appearing all over TV in the last few years, ranging from Ghost Hunters to the warrior arenas of Junkyard Wars and Battlebots to the great debunking series Bullshit – but my favorite of these kinds of shows is definitely Mythbusters. It's got everything a nerd can possibly hope for: science, skepticism, cool gadgets, and lots of things blowing up! The stars of this show, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman (the one with the beard and deeper voice) have one of the coolest jobs on the planet. They get paid to blow things up on TV!

And just as important: they're nerds with charisma. The show doesn't have too many blatant, awful, unfunny jokes; and Adam and Jamie themselves are cool nerds. I recently saw an episode of a "strange America" show called Weird U.S., in which two geeks travel around the country visiting weird sites; and while the places they go to are interesting, the two hosts themselves are lame. Adam and Jamie are interesting and charismatic, and it helps keep the show interesting when they stand around talking to one another (and the TV audience), and when they take their time building stuff. It's just as interesting to watch them building their crazy gadgets as it is to watch them blow up.