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The Church of Scientology has been making efforts to get its Narconon program into the news, partially as a way of countering the bad publicity it's attracted recently. Narconon is an allegedly "non-religious" drug treatment program that's centered upon a "purification" program invented by L. Ron Hubbard. This treatment, called the "Purification Rundown," is the same method promoted by Tom Cruise to the New York City fire department in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Narconon claims to have a "70% success rate" in treating drug and alcohol addiction, but nowhere on their Web site do you see any statistical evidence proving this. 70% of what? The answer to that is just as spurious as the program itself. Kirstie Allie is Narconon's most public supporter, though you didn't see her making many public statements about the program when California School Superintendent Jack O'Connell officially recommended all schools in the state reject the Narconon program – after an evaluation of the program evaluation found it taught inaccurate and unscientific information.

Other Web sites that Narconon doesn't want you to see include:

In late 2006, a Narconnon facility in Canada decided to jump on the wiki band wagon and start its very own Narconon wiki, called "Narcodex: The Drug Free Initiative." But unfortunately, their Web designer and wiki maintainer evidently needs to learn a lesson in blocking spammers: the only entries at all made to the wiki since January 14th, 2007 have been spam. The Recent Changes page for the last 30 days is:

So far the wiki isn't off to a very good start. Maybe they're waiting for input from regular Internet users. I wonder if adding links to such sites as the Wikipedia entry for Narconon or the critical site Narconon Exposed would be allowed there?