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National Abortion Federation


And of course, the inevitable abortion link. Abortion is one of the most overhyped subjects in existence, because the so-called "controversy" over abortion is simply a way for people to shock you into reacting to the issue, rather than thinking about it. "Abortion is murder! Innocent little babies are being slain! Abortionists are evil, greedy murderers who make money by destroying innocent human lives!" Bull. In this crazy, Conspiracy-dominated world of ours, life just for the sake of life isn't enough of a reason to have a baby. Not everyone would agree with this statement; nonetheless, it would still be best to allow to abortion to exist as a last resort when a woman has seriously considered all other options. If you're the type of person who could say "It's a nice day, the sun is shining, I think I'll go out and get an abortion," then you probably don't deserve to have kids in the first place. If having the child means condemning that child to a life of poverty and abuse because the mother (or father) can't afford to properly raise that child and has to destroy her own life suffering from the consequences of having gotten pregnant when she didn't intend to…then I for one feel it would be less evil to get an abortion and save everyone involved from untold misery. And that's all I have to say about this subject. (However, there are many other people who have a lot more to say about this subject…including using deceptive tactics to try to trick you. Beware of, for instance – while this site looks at first like a fair and balanced view of the abortion controversy, it's actually meant to frighten and deceive you into heading towards It's strange that one side of the abortion issue continually has to resort to using deceptive tactics (as well as out-and-out lying) and hiding behind the Bible, instead of coming out in the open and daring to look at both sides of the story…)