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Neal Stephenson

Pretty good author with a bunch of books out. Well, not nearly as many as some, but still a pretty decent chunk of them. Here, have a list o' books:

His first novel, about a megacollege. It was out of print for a long time – he didn't like the book, but I think the main reason it came back in to print was to get people to stop paying insane amounts of money for it. It's really not very good, I thought.
An "eco-thriller" about tracking down some illegal dumping and whatnot. It's pretty decent. Better than The Big U, but not nearly as good as Snow Crash. It's got some good parts, though, like Sangamon's Law, which says that if you're going to experiment with drugs, it's better to go for the most chemical simple substance you know won't kill you, since there's less chemical compounds to potentially go wrong with your body chemistry, hence his preference for Nitrous (NO2) versus other drugs.
I think everyone knows about this one.
The followup to Snow Crash, also really good.
The precursor to The Baroque Cycle, and the beginning of the Stephenson books that are giant doorstopper length.
Three novels, including:

Other works include In The Beginning Was The Command Line, a non-fiction essay, and two books written with his uncle under the pseudonym "Stephen Bury":

About a presidential campaign and the re-wiring of people's brains.
A gulf-war novel which includes a former boxer becoming dog-food. It's about agricultural aid money being put for biological warfare. Farmers versus Saddam Hussein!