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Net Scum Page

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The Internet has truly grown up over the past few years, and perhaps the best proof of this comes from the fact that it has given rise to its very own brand of kook: the net.kooks. If you spend time on practically any newsgroup on Usenet – especially the censorship-related newsgroups or the* newsgroups – you'll be treated to the lovable, frothing rants of Steve Boursy, John Grubor, and their companions who come and go over time. These are the ones who insist that a "cabal" of Netizens exists, and this "cabal" is forever engaging in censorship "control tactics" to enforce its views and silence those who oppose them…especially Monsieurs Boursy, Grubor, et al. As their way of striking back against the Cabal (there is no cabal), these folks have adopted a policy of cross-posting their unending rants to dozens and dozens of newsgroups, angering many Netizens and polluting the stream of Usenet with a repetitive, almost machine-like flood of libellous accusations in the name of their idea of free speech. What really makes these people obnoxious is their insistence that anyone who expresses a counter opinion (or just something they don't like) is immediately labelled a "censor," while certain other net.kooks accuse people of being "pedophiles." Some Netizens have reported that their employers have received calls from the net.kooks demanding that they be fired from their jobs. A few anti-spam activists have been the recipients of death threats, all because they are working to clean up the sewers of the Net. The net.kooks have gathered their enemies list into a long, difficult-to-navigate Web site entitled "Net Scum," where they add new enemies to the list every day. (I'm on there…in fact, I made their Top Ten list of enemies when the page was first created!) Sooner or later these guys are going to be sued for slander, libel, or worse; when that happens, the fur is really going to fly.