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The first M album, featuring the hit "Pop Muzik". Not nearly as cohesive as The Official Secrets Act, but still a great collection of songs. Much brighter than that album as well. Recommended tracks include "Pop Muzik", "Made in Munich", "Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust" and "Unite Your Nation". "Made in Munich" is a faux-German dance record with a militaristic sound, and definitely in the gigantic pile of M's sarcastic songs. (Often thought it's got great music video possiblities, though since my idea always involved a Pop Music Krystallnacht, if I were to shoot the video, it'd probably get me lynched.) "Moderne Man/Satisfy Your Lust" was originally two sides of the same 7", in a much more rockin' arrangement. "Satisfy Your Lust" is interesting in that the single version is the dirty one – one of the lyrics in that is "Last night I dreamt we were fucking on the floor"; the album version is "You're very paranoid living outside your door". Go figure. "Unite Your Nation" is like a cut from an alternate universe The Official Secrets Act where it's a cheery album where everything ends up working out in the end, and even dissidents get to party! There's still that distrust of the government in the song, but it's not nearly as dark as on Official Secrets Act.

Most M best-ofs are this album re-ordered with some bonus tracks and the same cover-art. There are probably at least five different albums with the same cover art and different tracklistings. There's also a straight reissue of this album that's been retitled. So, well, be careful. The best version of this to get is the CD issue put out in 1997 by Westside/Resurgence/MCI International, but I think that one is out of print. (It pops up from time to time in used record stores, though.)