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Newsman Pro

When it comes to newsgroups, I was not happy with Thunderbird OR Outlook Express when a huge spam flood invaded alt.slack in 2007. However, after testing eight newsreaders (including Pan on Linux and Windows) and the free trial version of Forte Agent (that I would have had to pay for to keep using), I can safely say that the answer (for Windows) is NONE of these. I am now very happy with a newsreader called Newsman (which also has a freeware version).

However, having said that, this newsreader is designed to be a binary grabber AND a text based newsreader. It is even designed to use mysql to store its downloaded messages, although obstensibly you would really only need that kind of
databasing power for the binary newsgroups. However, it can also be used without mysql mode, and the messages are stored locally in the same way that Thunderbird does it. If you are getting the idea that it is complex, then you're right. It is. You will be dithering with it for a while, to get it to look and feel and work the way you like. Having said that, once you play with it for about 20 minutes or so setting up the look/feel as well as the rules of use, you will find that it is HANDS DOWN the BEST newsreader EVAR (apologies to Stang). The message filtering makes Agent's killfile look DINKY. You can filter by ANYTHING; it even accepts REGEX input for the fields so you can be completely specific. The learning curve might make it seem hard to fathom at first, and you may wonder why it is set up out of the box the way it is, but this is simply because people who are spending all day downloading japanese porn want to set it up to filter the binary newsgroups so that they only get Japanese porn. And that ACTUALLY WORKS. Anyways, give it a try, and if you need help with it, I am now over the learning curve I should be able to get you there too. Look for me at Taphouse IRC.

(Plus if you DO binary groups, it all just got a LOT better.)

– review by Ankara