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In late 1998, the spam attacks by various vandals and net.kooks increased drastically on several newsgroups, especially the ones frequented by the Church of the SubGenius. Many of these attacks consisted of dumping huge quantities of text garbage with forged headers onto the newsgroups, to attempt to hide the identity of the attackers and disrupt the newsgroups. But for those of you who prefer genuine SubGenius garbage on alt.slack and other newsgroups, a spam filter exists for all of you with newsreaders that do not filter spam! I've installed it for use with Free Agent, and it works like a charm. The software is Nfilter, and it is a FREE program written for those of us who are too broke (or cheap) to pay lotsabucks for software with killfiles, filters, and other fancy doodads like that. The software is written for Windows 95/98/NT PCs.

Here is how I got Nfilter to work on my PC:

 alt.slack 	drop 		organization:*newscene*

The Nfilter Web site gives instructions on how to change your filters to keep the spam out, even when the spammers alter their methods to try to beat your killfiles. Welcome to the 21st century.