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Nine Inch Nails

Some SubGenii are really into alternative rock and death metal (especially Popess Lilith von Fraumench, who has probably heard more independent, underground "black metal" than I'll ever know). I'm more of an artsy-fartsy rock fan, with my musical tastes ranging from Peter Gabriel and Laurie Anderson to the Beatles, U2, and SubGenius-oriented techno.

And yet, I love Nine Inch Nails. I like a lot of wanna-be "goth" music that whines on and on about "the pain," and I like depressing music such as solo Roger Waters or John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band. (If you don't think that's depressing, it's been too long since you've heard that album.) But when it comes to sheer, destructive, intense, suicidal self-hate done to a pounding, mechanical, industrial rhythm, NIИ is the way to go. "Heresy" is a call to battle for any self-respecting atheist, but I like "The Becoming" and "Every Day Is Exactly The Same" as examples of how a man can be beaten down and driven to the brink by the Conspiracy.

I blame my brother for this: he lived in the room next to me for about three years, and he was constantly blaring his music (like most kids). He got our entire family hooked on Pink Floyd, and though him I also was introduced to Jane's Addiction, Ministry, Rage against the Machine (which I also like)…and the Grateful Dead. (I'll save my anti-Grateful Dead rant for another time.) Ministry's cover of Gabriel's "Intruder" was amusing…but when he started playing Nine Inch Nails, something about the beat hooked me. It was loud, it was angry, and I couldn't get it out of my head.

And like everything else, there's a Nine Inch Nails wiki out there: NINwiki