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North East White Pride

Begun in 2003, this site is an online community for bigots in the US Northeast to come together and talk about all of the usual crap: blacks and Hispanics, immigrants, Muslim terrorists, and Jews. The expected anti-Semitic spew you'd find in a group of this sort is a lot more low-key here than in other Web-based forums; but these folks certainly spend a lot of time talking about niggers and how awful they are. For example, posted on July 6, 2007 on a discussion thread about the epidemic of rapes and child rapes in South Africa: "I have worked with many Africans in Hospitals and nursing homes, and you know they are so pretensious (sic) they act like Africa is such a better nation than the US. OF course These statements are met with hostility, I am not going to reason with the apes."

You're not likely to see the members of this group organizing a skinhead march through the streets of Boston at any time soon. It's a fairly informal group, more for people with racist tendencies to come together, chat and make friends with other racists, rather than actually going out and terrorizing people. They have monthly get-togethers in northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, while some members are trying to get a regular Web-based white power radio show together.

There's a prominent "Arcade" section on the site that's strictly for registered members, but that's because it contains copyrighted classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Burger Time, Donkey Kong, and others. You'd think these games would be modified to show white people beating up and destroying black people and Jews, but apparently there are no racist hackers smart enough to alter the games in this manner.

(The fine folks at NEWP noticed this page in August of 2007, in this message board posting right here.)