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Nutria Fur

This site is set up to encourage to you take part in controlling a wild pest that is causing lots of trouble for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and fisheries – nutria, the giant South American rat! They look like huge beavers, and they are indeed rodents. As the Web site states:

Nutria, Myocastor coypus, are large semi-aquatic rodents indigenous to South America. The original range included Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. In the 1930s nutria were imported into Louisiana for the fur farming industry and were released, either intentionally or accidentally into the Louisiana coastal marshes. Nutria are herbivores and feed particularly on wetland plants. Nutria have caused extensive damage to Louisiana coastal wetlands due to their feeding activity.

And that's why this Web site encourages folks to indulge in this natural resource. They encourage you to wear fur coats made from nutria fur (giving examples on the Nutria Fur Info page)…and there's even a recipe page on nutria for human consumption! Yum…here's how you can make your very own rat meat stew!