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Old-Time Porn Stars

Annie Sprinkle's Home Page

The former porn star nee sex activist!

Asia Carrera's XXX Butt-Kicking Home Page

The Nerd of Porn! Not only is she gorgeous to look at (both naked and clothed), but she's got a butt-kicking attitude that makes her site a fun place to visit.

Kitten Natividad

Every word of the legend of her mammoth mammaries is true!

Nina Hartley

Not just a porn star with brains, but one with attitude! Also a free speech activist.

Russ Meyer

The late, great SubGenius saint who influenced many a SubGenius artist.

Tura Satana

Even today, she is worshipped by lesbians for her role in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Vanessa Del Rio

The Amazon Queen of Bug Porn!

Xaviera Hollander – the Happy Hooker

One of the great moments in the history of the EuroSubgenius was when the great Xaviera Hollander herself became an ordained SubGenius minister! Yes! SHE WILL BE THERE WITH US when the Xists arrive on X-Day!!!