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Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance


Yet another problem with the topic of so-called "comparative religion" is the tendency for religious beliefs to be so firm that various factions rarely agree with each other over anything. That's why when these guys in Canada founded their "Center for Religious Tolerance" in an attempt to present a "fair and even" view of various faiths, they were quickly seen by many skeptics as "cult apologists." And this claim does have some basis in truth: when dealing with lesser-known and more controversial organziations (such as Scientology or the Unification Church), these Consultants on Religious Tolerance favor the explanations and defences put forth by the organizations themselves as "truthful" information…even when that information is seeded with outright fakery. Their disdain for the so-called "anti-cult movement" shows clearly, despite their attempts to remain neutral in their portrayal of various religious groups. The best thing you can do, of course, is look at this Web site for yourselves, and then explore the various factions of each of these faiths (both pro and con) to find out who is closer to the truth.