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Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses

Rev. Syung Myung Me: One of the few collections the Residents have put out of previously released material, and a very excellent one. There's two versions of this – the US 2-CD version and a UK 4-CD version. I only have the US one, and that's an excellent starter. I would definitely recommend this to the new Residents fan – not only is it a good mix, but there are a lot of concentrates of some of the albums that give you a good taste for what the albums are like, so you can get a good guess as to whether or not you'd enjoy a particular one. And, for the fans, there's a lot of b-side and single-only songs on here, too. It's just a really good package.

Later, Ralph America repackaged a re-ordered/slightly expanded version of the fourth disc of the UK version, called Roosevelt 2.0. This is pretty cool, but more of a fans-only thing. It also came in a wooden cigar box. It's very out of print, though. But the main thing with this is the main best-of, anyway.