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Published in 1995 by the great Russ Kick, this exceptionally useful tome is as close to a successor to High Weirdness by Mail as we're likely to see. The author gives an admittedly biased review of hundreds of small-press books and alternative zines published in the past few years, with an especial focus on controversial issues. With such chapters as "Cyberculture," "Drugs," "Freedom," "Merry Mischief," and "Sex," you can get an idea of the type of publications he looks at, including Neo-Nazi revisionist books (and books from their arch-enemy, the Southern Poverty Law Center), the gray area of legal and semi-legal drugs, whacked-out comics and artists, lots of books and magazines about sex, and many of the same magazines and publications mentioned on this very Web site and other SubGenius sites. You'll be guaranteed to discover at least a few books you've never heard of before and will want to run out and buy immediately.