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Oxygen Therapy


One of the more interesting areas of fringe science is the field of oxygen therapy and ozone therapy. Oxygen is seen by many as a unversal solvent, and its reactive properties are known to be beneficial in the treatment of a great many diseases and ailments. However, the proponents of oxygen therapy claim their treatments are effective against life-threatening afflictions such as cancer and AIDS. I am highly skeptical of statements like this, because if the ones making these claims are not telling the truth (or even the entire truth), then they are creating false hope for desperate people while ultimately condemning them to a painful death. On the other hand, oxygen therapy has NOT been shown to be medical quackery, and the claims that it is being suppressed by a greedy pharmaceutical industry may actually be on the mark. (I will say that hydrogen peroxide is as good a treatment for acne as those silly products advertised on TV; give it a try.) This link is well worth looking into for the curious.