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Thanks to the popularity of Wikipedia, there have been several attempts by the pagan community to create its very own wiki "encyclopedia." Over the past few years there was Sourceryforge (now defunct), the Acadine Archive (now defunct), and Thelemapedia (which is still up and active, but seems to have suffered from negelect and lack of use). These repeated attempts show there are enough wiki addicts in the pagan community for a pagan-oriented wiki to be a success; and at this time there is at least one reasonably successful pagan wiki out there – and its name is, simply enough, Pagan Wiki. The name is generic enough to cover all pagan-oriented subjects, and the wiki operators are ambitious enough to cover everything…or at least as much as their editors will contribute. There are several edits per day there, and the wiki is growing nicely. They were started in July of 2005 – just a few months after Cast Iron Chaos was founded under its previous name – and with nearly 2,250 articles they are slightly larger than this very site!