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You've heard those conspiracy theories telling us how Big Brother Is Watching Us, and how They want to get into our computers and reveal our darkest secrets. This seems to look more and more like reality each day, and less like a paranoid fantasy. The latest conspiracy to worry about is a big one: Microsoft and Intel are working on a new platform called Palladium, and they want to put it into all of our PCs. The original article on Palladium was published in Newsweek on July 11th, 2002, and it has sparked a firestorm in the electronic community. It seems that Palladium has the potential to literally force your PC to only do what Microsoft and Intel allow it to do…though of course Microsoft claims they will never stoop to that level.

A quote from Reverend Joe Cosby on August 13, 2002: "The beginning of it [Palladium] from Microsoft's end was when they realized something that has been kind of obvious for a while: there is only so far you can go with the cycle of selling upgrades to Office and Windows. The simple fact of the matter is, the only real sane reason for upgrading is in hopes of fixing the bugs in the previous versions. It boggles my mind that the public have gone on as long as they have pouring money into the Microsoft bugfix hole, but sooner or later you can only go so far before you kind of have the really nasty bugs fixed and a relatively stable product, and everybody has already paid for it.

"THEN what? You have no source of income. (I've been going on about this one for years now, can you tell?) So what they want to do, before it's too late, is to say 'fuck you, you can't buy our product anymore…we will RENT it to you!' And you will have to pay a monthly fee to use Word or whatever."