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Issues of this magazine are hard to find, but if you can find any you will be amply rewarded! Paranoia is a beginner's introduction to conspiracy theories, and the sort of wild-eyed ranting found within the pages of this magazine should be all too familiar with any kook watcher who regularly scans the alt.conspiracy newsgroup. Probably because of the nature of the articles it publishes, Paranoia is known for its willingness to print any outrageous conspiracy theory, no matter now ludicrous or poorly-researched. Are you trying to promote yourself as a modern-day savior who has met Hitler, had inside knowledge of the JFK assassination, and conducts beyond-the-grave "interviews" with such luminaries as Frank Zappa and Marshall McLuhan? Paranoia will publish your screed, even if it's been rejected by everyone else. Assassination theories, mind control theories, alien theories, New World Order theories…they're all here, neatly published for easy perusal. Their mailing address is:

PO Box 1041
Providence, RI 02901

You may also want to look at the article these guys published on the Church of the SubGenius: "Satanism, The Illuminati, and the Andromedans"!