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Paranoia 1.0

You could do worse than rent the DVD of "Paranoia 1.0". Udo Kier plays an android building hobbyist neighbor of Jeremy Sisto in some dystopic future where people are drugged with nanomites to get them to purchase specific things. It's filmed in some shithouse in Bucharest, made by an Icelandic crew, strictly for Sundance purposes.

So it's kind of a cross between David Lynch, Lars von Trier, and Luc Besson.

Just to give you some idea what this is about, my rental DVD started getting all blocky and pixellated midway, and the sound kept crackling and sputtering so you couldn't understand things. There was so much video trashing that at times it was all blocks of colors vaguely resembling faces, and solarization effects that made it all look like an impressionist painting or some IMBJR or Heart Ignition art. I took the DVD out and examined it for scratches, there were none, and when I put it back it played the same way.

Geez, I thought the effect was intentional. True, the dialog was unintelligible in parts and you couldn't see EXACTLY what was going on, but that didn't take away from the ouevre one single bit. I just figured it was an artsy fartsy digital effect deliberately put there like when they film it grainy and green and all that.

Luckily I have another DVD player which was immune to the problems with the DVD, so I got to watch it all over again, this time clearly exposing the few tit scenes, pra'"BOB".

See if you can spot the protagonist buying up a jug of 808 Juice in the state controlled CON supermarket! Very near the end…