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Pastel Defender Heliotrope

After Unicorn Jelly finished, Jennifer Diane Reitz got a tablet and started a (literal) side-story based on her Kamishibai of the same name.

[Pastel Defender Heliotrope] takes place about 700 years after humans first escape to it from Tryslmaistan. The society that has arisen in this universe is homophobic, strongly religious, chauvanist and industrial – in other words, Without Slack. (Some may see a resemblance to existing societies.)

The artwork undergoes the usual changes over time, but is now in full colour and each instalment fills a page. Thus we learn that Dr Aoi is a profoundly maladjusted and neurotic man; how he came by Heliotrope's body; where, more or less, he got the Omniptor from…

The catchline I've used for this comic is, "The saviour of the universe is a sex toy."

As of the time of writing, Heliotrope has entered into the big fight scene with Glinu Chartreuse. Stay tuned for future developments, as we find out what happens to Pastellian society, Fuschia, Aoi, Hanya, Fetchenevets, CURSOR… and why the godlike beings of the far future Tryslmaistan are getting involved.