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Porn Free

Maybe my age is showing when I suggest that this title reminds me of that Godawful song "Born Free" that was stuck in everyone's head in the early 1970s. But as the name suggests, this is a supposedly "religious" look at the evil sin of pornography and porn addiction. It's certainly true that people can become addicted to pornography in various forms – heck, you can become addicted to anything if you're not careful, including religion – but this site isn't likely to help many folks because of its heavy-handed approach to the "sin" of pornography. You can look at resources for help which all involve prayer and the condemnations of the evils of sex (for instance, it mentions the book Eros Redeemed, Breaking the Stranglehold of Sexual Sin by John White), and you can see the testimonials of people who have freed themselves from the evils of the flesh by quoting Scripture! Praise anyone – this means I can use the Bible convince myself that I don't have a penis!