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Media Manipulation

40 Points of Propaganda

Here's a tidbit of useful information posted to Usenet by a well-meaning person. It's a useful analysis of the methods used by propaganda of all sorts to infiltrate your thoughts and make you agree with the message being presented by the medium. Apply these pointers to commercials when you watch TV and realize how much of what you see is really propaganda.

Biased Liberal Media

About Face

AdBusters Media Foundation

Alternet: Alternative News

Anxiety Culture

Excellent point-by-point guide to anxiety manipulation in consumerism, the media, and at work.

Banned Magazine

An ongoing project to report on incidents of censorship worldwide.

Bartholomew's Notes on Religion

A thoughtful blog of opinionated commentary on religion in the media.

Common Dreams

Progressive news and commentary.


"Proudly exposing crappy journalism" in the media, specifically of the paranoid-religious kind.


Forget that UFO crap – this is real information THEY don't want you to know.

The Cyberporn Debate

Democracy Now

Progressive news with Amy Goodman. The best news show around.


These guys make subversion and exposure of information into a profitable business.

DIY Media

A site that keeps track of updates in the world of broadcasting, and collects great sound bites from politicians of all sorts.

Checks the factual accuracy of political advertisements.

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting

Free Radio Network

Free Speech TV

Illegal Art

In These Times

Alternative news that beats the pants off of CBS.

LINK TV: Television without Borders


A Webzine (or "blogzine") that specializes in finding and exposing anti-Muslim hysteria in mainstream media.

Luke Ford

The most famous gossip columnist who caters exclusively to the seamy world of porn films.

Media Bloggers Association

Political bloggers networked together to promote grass-roots journalism.

Media Matters for America

Checks for right-wing bias in the mass media; publishes thousands of factual corrections each year.

News Hounds

They watch FOX News so you don't have to.

Project Censored

Separating the real news (that rarely makes headlines) from junk news.


Vast Right-Wing Media Conspiracy

Accuracy In Media

seeking to expose the truth behind the Biased Liberal Media's agenda.

American Family Association

Rev. Donald Wildmon and his crusade against evil homosexuality in the media!

Death By 1000 Paper Cuts

The closest thing we've seen to a genuinely amusing and entertaining "right wing" weird-news blog.

Focus on the Family

Selfless crusaders against the evils of pornography and the hidden "homosexual propaganda" in the media. ")

Jack Thompson

A tireless crusader out to Protect The Children from evil video games and rap musicians who cuss.

Media Research Center

The leader in documenting, exposing, and neutralizing Liberal Media Bias.

Not Our Kids

Press releases and other warnings to the media about the insidious homosexual conspiracy to recruit our precious, innocent children.

Worldnet Daily

Looking at the news from a conservative right-wing point of view.

Useful Resources


A useful utility for bypassing the "free registration" required for many news sites.

Prelinger Archives

The best source for cheesy "educational" propaganda films from the entire 20th Century!

Press Releases

Some useful services for making your press releases available to the media, for free or almost free.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive

Archives of just about every TV show in existence!