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Christianity and Anti-Christianity


Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps

Every stereotype you can think of concerning absurd, laughable religious pamphlets demanding that we all REPENT is true here! Bulldada laughs galore!

Armor of God Pajamas

Dress your kids up with these fancy Bible bedtime clothes.

Bible Codes

And here I thought that book, The Bible Code, was fiction?!?

Bible Literacy Project

A group working to introduce the Bible into public schools – in a fair, unbiased manner.


Move over, Batman! Here's a superhero who gets his power straight from God Himself!

Blessed Hope Communications

Make these guys your phone company, because God hates AT&T and MCI!

The Blue Letter Bible Project

An online version of the Bible, to make for easy searching for useful phrases and passages.

Brother Jed Smock

This guy has been preaching God's wrath on college campuses for decades.

CAPalert: Christian Analysis of American Culture (Christian Movie Reviews)

Not just Christian movie reviews - laughably hateful movie reviews, as these guys declare to the world that God hates movies!

Catholic Worker Movement

Roman Catholic anarchist group founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933. (And other Christian anarchists.)

Christian T-Shirts

These guys sell T-shirts with good, wholesome, "you're a sinner" slogans.


The christnet.* newsgroup hierarchy was created expressly for the purpose of spreading the Word across Usenet (back when Usenet was the #1 communications method on the Internet). Unfortunately, the creators of Christnet didn't anticipate the chaos that would ensue with a bunch of uncensored newsgroups…

Clowns For Christ

It's not enough for some folks to make fools of themselves in the name of their faith. These guys demean the name and image of real clowns to do it!


A Christian wiki founded to counter Wikipedia's terrible anti-Christian bias.

Davey and Goliath

Zounds! Christian Children's TV that's actually GOOD for kids?

Dial-the-Truth Ministries

Beware – Hell exists and you are going there!

Hookers for Jesus

The name says it all – a ministry for prostitutes, by prostitutes.

ICLnet: Internet Christian Library (formerly the Institute for Christian Leadership)

Here's a sample of what happens when you mix religion and politics – you get so-called "lobby groups" like Focus on the Family.

Jack Chick

Get saved, through tiny comic books!

JAH Truth

The Biblical truth behind the Star Wars films and their relationship with the Vatican!

Jesus Is Savior

Every whacked-out Christian nutcase theory ever invented, all crammed into one site.

Joel's Army

The up-and-coming trend in Christian militias.

KK Mime

First there was Clowns for Christ…now here's Mimes For Christ.

Kjos Ministries

Remember, folks – those evil Harry Potter movies are bringing our children into the occult!

Left Behind

Series of novels and films about the Rapture and all sorts of crazy crap.

Lil Markie

A maker of bizarre Christian records. Lil Markie's a character based off a sped-up voice, and does many disturbing songs.

The Manga Bible

The Holy Bible done as Japanese comics, a.k.a. manga.

Messengers of Faith

Your kids will have lots of fun playing with their own Talking Jesus Action Figures!

Modest Apparel Christian Clothing

Clothes hand-made by a modest Christian girl who's apparently scared stiff of anything naughty or remotely blasphemous.

Porn Free

Because it's evil to touch yourself! God says so!

The Rapture Report

Alan Yusko's monthly updates on the upcoming Rapture. It's going to happen any day now…no, REALLY it is!

Remnant Fellowship

Lose those ugly pounds with the Jesus Weight Loss Program.

Repent America

America is going to Hell (again) because it tolerates such evils as homosexuality and non-Christians.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests

A women's group working for the ordainment of female Roman Catholic priests.


A great blog about the role of religion in our society.


The ultimate hucksters for Jesus. In some cases, it's tough to tell whether these idiots should be classified under "Christianity" or "Anti-Christianity."


Not to be confused with the Trinity Foundation.

Tony Alamo Ministries

The clothing, jacket, and mattress magnate who warns us that the Vatican is the Antichrist.

Trinity Foundation

Detectives for Christ - exposing the truth about the televangelists.

Uncle Ray's Potato Chips

This company is out to save us all by printing Bible verses on the back of every bag of their potato chips.

Voice of the Martyrs

A newsblog that keeps tabs on the persecution of Christians around the world.

World Wide Christian Web

A bunch of Christian weenies who've come together to reassure each other that they are following the One True Path, despite the fact that the world is laughing at them.

A publisher of religious tracts managed to snatch the domain and use it to lecture non-believers like me. "God does not have or need a website. The following site offers information about God and direction in finding Him." Wusses.


A Christian site dedicated to helping people break free of pornography addiction.

Your Going To Hell!

Yes, "your" going to Hell! And so am I! And so is everyone who doesn't fit the narrow definition of "saved" that these folks set!


Assassinations Foretold in Moby Dick answers this challenge made by Michael Drosnin: When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I'll believe them.

Christian Aggression

News site carrying news articles and opinion pieces on various forms of Christian aggression.

Dark Christianity

A LiveJournal group grew into a large online community of its own, dedicated to bashing hardcore fundamentalist Christianity.

Date Jesus

Yes, and perhaps bathe with him too. Be sure to check out his questionnaire, and the fine examples of humanity evidenced by his mailbag.

Holy Smoke

Shy David was a regular newsgroup pal on alt.religion.scientology back during the days when the Scientology Internet war was white-hot. Interestingly, he's still around even after they claimed they would "expose his crimes."

Jesus of the Week

A blog that highlights the ugliest Jesus art around. The folks making fun of Jesus can't possibly come up with stuff worse than the art from folks who make this stuff to "honor" Him!

Landover Baptist Church

Probably the most successful Christian spoof (or troll) around.

The Miraculous Winking Jesus

Could it be…has a miracle occured on the Net? The portrait of Jesus Christ displayed at this site has generated large amounts of mail stating that the picture might be a true miracle, or just a hoax. Judge for yourself!

The Reverend Donald Wildmon Monitor

The Skeptics Annotated Bible points out absurdities, contradictions, inanities, intolerance and blanted scientific nonsense in the bible as you read it. There's quite a lot of 'em.

Weird Crap, a.k.a. "Psycho" Dave's Dark and Scary Place

Jesus DressUp just another anti-christian funny site