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Lord, if there's one thing that gets people all fired up and ready to rip someone's guts out today, it's abortion. You want to start an argument and see charges of "murder" and "sin" and "pro-choice" and "baby-killer" spewed all over everything? Just talk about abortion! We've even got a whole bunch of pro-choice yahoos and pro-life weenies who've been programmed to start ranting at the slightest drop of certain key words.

"Birth control?" beep! "Abortion!" "Pro-choice!" "Murderers!"
"Condoms?" beep! "Sinners!" "Trojans!" "Abstain!"
"Coat Hangers?" beep! "Roe v. Wade!" "Teenagers!" "Immoral!"

Well guess what, folks? Abortions sure aren't going to stop and go away because of you folks yammering and hollering and trying to show each other how you're Right and the other guy is Wrong! Teenagers are going to keep having babies, and women are going to keep getting pregnant, and fathers aren't going to give a damn about the fact that they've knocked their girlfriends up and now they've got to take care of the little kid for the rest of their life.

This society of ours isn't anywhere near perfect. Control over the minds of the masses - including conditioning by organized religions, which makes up only one of Their many arms - has got a whole lot of us thinking that sex is bad, sex is evil, sex is a no-no. But we see sex around us all the time - on TV, in the movies, in the stories we read, in the news. If sex is so bad, how come we want to keep doing it all the time? Because sex is FUN, man! It sure wasn't meant to be evil, and we weren't meant to be ashamed of it! When Jehovah stuck that tent pole between the legs of fifty percent of the entire human race, he KNEW it was going to be used a lot. Remember the old story of God and Adam? It didn't go like this:

Adam: Hey, thanks for giving me life, man! What can I call you?
JHVH: You may call Me God, or Lord.
Adam: Sure thing, mister Orlord. Wow, these walkers you gave me down here below my hips really work great!
JHVH: They're called "legs," Adam.
Adam: So how come one of 'em is so much shorter than the others?
JHVH: That's not a leg, Adam.
Adam: So what is it?
JHVH: It's evil, Adam. If you touch it you will be cast into Hell forever!
Adam: Oh yeah? Then why didn't you put it on my back where I can't reach it?

Nope, when God invented sex, he made sure we would do it all the time.

And when people all over the world have sex, a lot of those people are going to get pregnant, no matter what the leader of your religion says about it. That's where abortion comes in. If a couple isn't careful, they're going to end up with a BIG problem on their hands - having to worry about raising a kid that they may not have wanted, and that they can't afford to

Abortion is a damn tough decision for anyone to make. Walk into an abortion clinic and talk to the women there, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that not one of those women woke up that morning and said, "Wow, it's a nice day! The birds are singing, and I feel great. I think I'll go out and have an abortion!"

Any woman who has an abortion is a lot more brave than I'll ever be. Hell, I can't think of anything a man could do that's as brave as this. The guy who coined the term "the weaker sex" didn't know what he was talking about. It takes guts for a woman to go through with this. It's got to be the most agonizing decision of her life. I seriously doubt that ANY woman really considered abortion as her first option. She thought it over, weight all her options, and finally decided that the abortion was the best alternative. It takes real guts to go through with something like this, because ending the baby's life is no easy task.

Yep, that's right: they can kill the kid. All those arguments about a "fetus" not being a real "baby" are ridiculous: of COURSE it's a real kid! It sure isn't a Cabbage Patch doll. And if a woman has an abortion, that's what she's doing: ending the life of the child. And the mother is fully justified in doing so. It's my personal opinion that until the child is actually born, the mother does have the option of choosing life or death for her baby, because it's still a part of her until birth. Life for the sake of "life" is a damn lousy reason to have a child. If "life" by itself is so untouchable, then how come we praise people who go out and murder other people in wars, and how come we've got people screaming for the death penalty? No, "life" itself isn't the reason to have a kid…especially if that kid wasn't wanted in the first place. The mother is going to have to spend the rest of her life raising that child…and too often these days, that means the mother may have to raise that kid by herself, without a man to help her out. And in today's society, where women are STILL being told that they're inferior to men and that they don't deserve to lead lives of their own, raising a child can be sheer hell. Especially by yourself. And doubly especially if you didn't plan ahead to have the child in the first place.

Is it any wonder why people are still having abortions?

Call me selfish, call me a murderer, but I'd rather help a woman have an abortion than let her ruin the rest of her life trying to raise a kid that she didn't want in the first place.

Army of God

A genuine anti-abortion terrorist group (or at least a bunch of people who use the same name for their group).

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An anti-abortion newspaper published in Canada, for Canadians.

National Abortion Federation

News bulletins and political activism to keep abortion legal.

Reproductive Rights and Health Center

A useful source of information for pro-choice activists and people looking for factual material about abortion.

Right To Ride

Protest against evil baby-killing abortionists by driving in the carpool lane on the highway.

Operation Rescue

Idiotic hatemongers who drool with glee when doctors are killed in the name of their "holy war."

Operation Save America

These guys organize boycotts against corporations that promote an evil, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda.