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Yes, sometimes television does have its Slackful moments:



Look Around You

Gentle but accurate spoof of science programmes of the 1970s and 1980s. No belly laughs, but good for a giggle.

The Prisoner

Of course this had to be here.

Brass Eye

Probably the best work of UK television and radio's greatest prankster - Chris Morris

Jam and Jaaaaam

Sketch comedy from Chris Morris, based on his radio series Blue Jam

The Day Today

News parody from Chris Morris, leading up to Brass Eye

Monty Python's Flying Circus

Nathan Barley

Sitcom from Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker

Red Dwarf


Movie and television reference-heavy comedy of London life, from the team behind Shawn of the Dead

Alice in Wonderland

Surrealist BBC version of the classic tale, directed by Jonathan Miller

Yoho Ahoy

Stop-motion animated series for pre-school kids on BBC.


American Dad

The Brak Show From Adult Swim - but one of their oh-so choice offerings.

Breaking Bad

A good feel-bad show with odd nads.

The Simpsons

Perhaps not just the greatest cartoon of our generation, but also the greatest TV programme too.

The Tick Animated Series

Another great cartoon (do SubGenii watch anything else except cartoons and pr0n?), but this one has not appeared on DVD yet! Click-thru to sign a pointless petition that the Fox Network couldn't care less about. It sure would be a whole lot easier to quit my job and slack off if I had a couple seasons of the Tick to watch!

Family Guy

If The Simpsons is absurdist theatre that came in the side door and got away with everything because it was a cartoon, Family Guy is the nightmarish carnival of a dream the senior custodian of the place had after he locked up and went home. Its the next step in abject crudery that makes even stalwart weirdos blanch at its rapid-fire nerve.

The Colbert Report

Political satire (and truthiness) from the mind of Stephen Colbert.


After Crossfire was hurting America, this show was hurting Crossfire.

The Daily Show

The last bastion of actual TV journalism in the US. Won more Peabody awards than Bill O'Reilly!

Dead Like Me

Whistling past the graveyard with style.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

The followup to Craig McCracken's Powerpuff Girls

Mr. Show

Great sketch comedy from Bob Odenkirk and David Cross


These guys have the coolest job in the world - blowing stuff up on TV!

Pink Lady And Jeff

Who knew that a train wreck could be so soothing?

Robot Chicken


This is basically my favorite show ever.


The bastard child of 1960s psychedelia, done with 2000s-era gore and surrealism.

TBN: Trinity Broadcasting Network

Of course, an equally appropriate name for this would be "Televangelists' Broadcasting Network." At least most of them are gathered together in one place.

Ugly Americans

Way of the Master

Former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron has become a Christian zealot, and he has his own show on TBN!

G vs. E (a.k.a. Good vs. Evil)
Kicking Morlock ass every week until we're prematurely cancelled.

Get a Life
The life and times of a 30 something y.o. paperboy that still lives with his parents. Starring Chris Elliot.



The Singing Ringing Tree

Major oddness in this classic 'Tale from Europe'


Takeshi's Castle

Laugh yourself sick as 100 Japanese contestants get fed through a series of painful obstacles until a handful get to attempt to raid the Castle itself in an anticlimax fairground-dodgems-like game that is rarely won by those challenging.

Kure Kure Takora

Pretty much impossible to explain. But it's about a greedy octopus whose best friend is a peanut or squash or something and they fight over the love of a weird Walrus-Dinosaur. Also, there's Sea Cucumbers.