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PreRapture Ministries


Rev. Steve Winter, the proprietor of ths site, is a textbook example of those folks who are so blinded by their own hate that they don't even realize how they are announcing to the world what fools they are. Winter has spent the last several years on a crusade against "lying dirt false Christian scum" who follow "cults," namely anyone who bothers to offer a clue to Mr. Winter and tell him how clueless he is. Unfortunately, Steve Winter likes to do more than just foam at the mouth: he regularly calls up the employers of people he doesn't like and demands that they fire them from their jobs. He has lodged several complaints with the FBI about the "crimes" committed by people who have taken steps to keep him from polluting various Usenet newsgroups with his hate-filled rants; the FBI is apparently taking this "into consideration," but even they recognize a genuine kook when they see one. For a look at Winter's ravings, read regularly.