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Pro-Ana Nation

The first thing you get when you enter this Web site is not one, not two, but three pop-up warnings stating that this isn't a weight loss Web site, and you'd better not try to get the Webmistress in trouble with the law. Actually, the girl running this site seems to be telling the truth – her site is more Gothic and more depressing than any number of wanna-bee "goth" Web sites out there. She includes a section of "My reasons" for choosing to be anorexic, with such statements as: I have a hole in my heart, so I threw away my plate. Nothing filled me up, no matter what I ate.

Pro-Ana Nation is certainly one of the "definitive" pro-ana sites, as it emphasizes the way the author uses anorexia to hurt herself, even more than simply losing weight. You'd have to be really depressed and self-hating to want to emulate this "lifestyle;" still, you have to be over 18 to join the discussion board. There's also a section warning readers about the dangers of anorexia – not just the physical dangers, but the mental ones as well.