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Promise Keepers

Ever hear of the Christian extremist cult known as the "Promise Keepers?" If not, you're lucky: this is one of the most outrageous "he man women haters club" out there in the United States today, the rough equal to the Islamic cults that keep their women covered and bottled up -- and for all the same reasons.

These good Christian men justify their hatred and bigotry against women as "being of service" to women, of "keeping the promise" of their natural dominion over women -- all for the little woman's own good, you understand.

The fact that women don't ask and never solicited and "promise" from their abusive Christian husbands is besides the point: The little woman is going to have hubby take absolute control over their lives for the sake of the Christian gods and if she don't like it, a smack across the mouth will just about put an end to her complaints against Jesus.

What could be worse than "Promise Keeper" knuckle dragging throwbacks?

How about the women who put up with it and proclaim their hubby's stong-armed dominion over them is acceptable because the Christian gods demand it. This is nothing but Battered Women's Syndrome being exhibited when women smile and proclaim their husband is always right because that's what Jesus wants.

Of course the cult has its Christian defenders:

If you've been unfortunate enough to encounter one of these Neanderthals, just try talking some sense into him. It isn't possible. Suggest that their wife and daughters don't want to be "led" by hubby who makes all the important, meaningful decisions and they'll glibly proclaim, "But she told me she likes it!" or "She accepts that Jesus a.k.a. God placed Man above Woman" and that "we're being of service to women, what's wrong with that?"

Suggest that they ask their little women if they want to put up with such Ape-like notions and you'll either get "I did ask. She said it's okay" or "We're called by godto take control, not to ask for it."

Never mind the fact that battered women will express acceptance of their abuse and their abuser in an effort to mitigate further abuse. Never mind the fact that battered women slowly and eventually start to internalize the abuse and mind control as "only what I deserve" and go along with it.

The homophobic bigotry and hatred of this cult is ironic:

We wind up with a bunch of men taking a bunch of boys to football stadiums where the little women is not allowed, left at home to cook and clean as Jesus a.k.a. god wills it.

Fortunately this hate cult has died out, mostly. There are probably several thousand hate filled anti-women, anti-gay, anti-black bigots out there who identify themselves as Promise Keppers, of course, bu the cult itself as an organized hate club hardly exists any more.