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Prophet Yahweh

The mighty Prophet Yahweh has been engaged in a media PR blitz recently: he's issued press releases stating that he will summon UFOs on command during the months of June and July, 2005. ( In the name of Yahweh, he has taken on a vow of poverty and released the shocking evidence of his UFO and spaceship summonings to the public domain. (Too bad you have to pay $7.95 per month on his Web site to actually see them, however.) He claims to have summoned his first UFO "by accident" in 1979, when he mysteriously had a compulsion to do so – which he promptly took as a sign from God. Since then, he has summoned over 1,500 UFOs and spaceships! Of course, he doesn't seem to have any actual photos or other evidence to show us what these UFOs look like…but hey, it's Yahweh! Why should we need to ask for more proof?

Prophet Yahweh's real name is Ramon Watkins, but biographical background is scarce; a since-deleted personal ad on Yahoo described him as having an income of "More than $150,000" from "Entertainment/ Media". A document posted to a discussion forum at New Age site Godlike Productions gives his religion as "Black Jew Hebrew Israelite" and claims that after 70 C.E. the Jews fled to Africa, where they were sold into slavery by the Africans. Hence the African-Americans (and no other Africans) are the real Jews. When the UFOs come "The main demand they will make will be that the modern day White so-called Jews, the Arab so-called Palestinians, and all other nationalities in the land of Israel, be immediately evacuated into neighboring countries." Perhaps it was as these views surfaced that the media circus, which had been having a good time with PY, decided to cool it off a bit.