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Pseudo-Scientific Wackos

Sermonizing and Rants

Psychic Predictions for 2007

Our ongoing project to catalogue and list psychic predictions for the year 2007. Let's see how many of these actually come true!

Psychic Predictions for 2008

Our newest project to catalogue psychic predictions for the year 2008. Also, we'll be revisiting the predictions from 2007 to see which ones were accurate.

A Challenge to Psychics

Over the past several decades, the debate over the existence of so-called "psychic phenomena" has raged, and there is no sign of it abating at any time soon…despite the fact that no solid, scientifically verified evidence has ever been produced to show that psychic powers actually exist. Why not? Perhaps some people know that they will be able to continue making money as long as they are able to convince people that they areally are "psychic?" A few tests to demonstrate the existence of psychic powers exist here on the Internet, but most of those tests seem to be online versions of the famous "guessing game" test most often used to test psychic abilities. The First Online Church of "Bob" now enters the fray by providing its own challenge for self-proclaimed "psychics" to prove that they really can do the things they claim to do…but this test doesn't involve cards.

The Fringes of Reason

"Bob" and the Oxygen Wars

A supposedly "fictional" story from the SubGenius tome Three-Fisted Tales of "Bob" that still gives some intriguing hints at a problem that may very well affect many people on our planet.


Shysters and bad liars who somehow manange to convince their followers that they can survive without food…forever. These yokels even tried to apply for the James Randi $1 million paranormal challenge, but even he laughed them off and told them not to waste his time.

Catastrophism: The emerging science of origins


Possibly the dumbest "science" in existence – scientific "theories" made up to prove the Bible is right, Galileo was wrong, and Mankind is the center of the Universe.

Evolution's Demons

Did you know that the reason why scientists always win arguments against Creationists is because scfientists have the assistance of Satan's demons? It's true!

Magnetic Therapy

These guys sure are attracted to something…such as your wallet.

Oxygen Therapy

Can ozone treatments cure cancer and AIDS?


A group of "psychics" who view psychic abilities from a "scientific" (or at least skeptical) point of view.

Feelin' Good

Foundation of Human Understanding

Roy Masters' religious meditation program, which will bring us all back to the Garden of Eden.

Kids Helping Kids

An offshoot of STRAIGHT Inc. that's seen as a successor to the original group.

Landmark Education

Formerly known as est, this is the group that provides Werner Erhard's famous "seminar" sessions that cost only $300 (at first).


The cult of Ayn Rand.

The Secret

The "viral" video marketing wonder that's essentially a re-write of The Power of Positive Thinking.


The one-time nationwide drug treatment program for kids – now defunct in the wake of allegations of horrific abuse.

Scientific Conspiracies


Waging war against unholy pupuce removal!


Because viruses and bacteria don't exist…they were invented by Big Pharma to sell poisons to you.

Carolyn Dean

One of many fringe physicians dedicated to the fight against evil vaccines.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Crusading tirelessly against the great worldwide psychiatric conspiracy to drug your children!


A news site especially dedicated to news about Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Yeti, and other fantastic monsters.

The Cure Zone

The truth about the insidious conspiracy behind AIDS.


They're trying to kill us. Of course a lot of what they're trying to kill us with looks like clouds and jet aircraft contrails, but in actual reality THEM aren't waiting for X-Day: THEM are killing us now!

Mind Control 101

Want to buy the secret to controlling the minds of others?

Natural Cures

Health huckster Kevin Trudeau and his selfless (and profitable) crusade against the Great Drug Company Conspiracy.

Natural News

A popular RSS news service for alternative medicines, fringe health treatments, and health news stories outside the mainstream.


Psychiatry - An Industry of Death

A museum dedicated to exposing the truth about the insidious psychiatric conspiracy to drug your mind.

Satanic Vaccines

Did you know that every time you take your innocent child to the doctor to a shot, you're injecting him/her with poison?!?

Stop Alien Abductions

How to build a helmet to keep the alien mind-control rays out.

Paranormal Pseudo-Science

Life Technology

Selling products designed to enhance your human energy field and protect you from cosmic rays.


Did he really predict all those historical events, or is it just made-up blather shoehorned into history?

Quantum Jumping

Learn the ability to travel to parallel universes to pick up girls.

Psychic Investigators

What do the cops do when their cases hit a dead end? They call the psychics!

Psychic Nikki

The self-proclaimed Psychic to the Stars, who churns out hundreds of amazing predictions every year. (But how many of these predictions actually come true?)

Royal Priest Research

The so-called "Channeling" research of Lyssa Royal. It shames me to call this stuff "research."

Sollog's Predictions

The biggest and loudest of the Usenet newsgroup paranormal kooks…until the next one comes along.

World of Uri Geller

The famous "psychic" spoon bender. What do you call his devoted followers – Uriphiles? Urinates?

Yellow Bamboo

Defend yourself from attackers with super duper psychic mind blast powers!